First time using PreSeed

Ok so this morning we used the fertility friendly lubricant called Pre Seed.. Those who aren't familiar it's a lube you inject in you that'll mimic your own fertile fluids so sperm can swim freely. From reviews I've read i would say abt 97% of the ppl got preg the first month they used it some got pregnant the second and a few it didn't work for (which was very little from what I've seen). Well my day one experience with it was cool your supposed to put it in 15mins before sex but we both had work this morning so I put it in and we had sex about 2-3 mins later. So I hear that doesn't matter! I liked it! I mean I'm 25 yrs old ive NEVER used a lube in my life, never really wanted to put any chemicals up there..idk it's jst my own personal thing. Anyway I txtd him while at work and asked him did he like it..he said no I said why was it too cold? He said idk. I said well it sounded like you liked it he said yes I liked the sex but idk it might of been the thought of knowing that it was there so I said oh ok u dont wanna use it anymore? He said no whatever happened to making a baby the old fashion way??? Keep in mind ladies I've been TTC IN 2MONTHS WILL BE 3 Yrs!!! I said to him well CLEARLY IT HASN'T BEEN WORKING!!!! Idk what to do should I jst keep using it and not let him knw that way it won't bother him as much?? Or should I jst stop using it and wait another 3yrs to get nothing? He wants a baby really bad but th fact that we've been trying and getting nothing I think it's hurting his pride. I mean I jst wanna give It a try I mean it won't hurt to try!! Any advice ???