No yolk, empty sac 5 weeks 3 days.

Katie • Momma of four
Hello Everyone, i have not posted here since last year so I hope you dont mind me asking a question. I posted earlier but I think on the wrong bored. Ill try and make this short.
​I have one son, 4 years old.
​No complications whatsoever. This past year iv had 3 miscarriages and seen a fertility specialist. im pregnant again and went yesterday for my first early sono and all there was was an empty sac with no yolk. Doctor said he likes to see that by now,
​To come back in a week to make sure but to prepare for worst. Iv read mixed reviewes of woman saying that they didnt have a yolk this early and went on to be fine. So not sure what to think.  Has anyone been through this or have any advice? A 4th miscarriage is killing me. ?