What I Learned In Cycle Two

So af came today sure I'm disappointed but I learned a lot about my cycle this time with the help of glow and all of you so I say thanks!! So anyway what I learned... First thing is Glow is accurate in predicting when my af comes it was right on the money then I also learned that I can't rely on symptoms for real confirmation although I will say this cycle I I noticed twinges on my life side which I'm assuming was my ovulation and afterwards I still felt a poking like sensation in my tube I assume but all the other symptoms are common with me month after month as it coincides with my premenstrual cycle but this morning when I got up and wiped I saw blood not that much but cm with a brownish tinge slimy sorry if this is tmi and I never seen that before so I'm thinking this months egg my have fertilized but didn't implant its gone now but I never had that at the beginning of af so I feel like in this next cycle I will be able to pinpoint some things and can use Glow to help guide me in the fertile window as their predictions appear to be on this money this next cycle will be my last for a while gonna try and just let it happen if it's supposed too I wish everyone luck wherever you are in your cycles and hope we all get bfps soon!! :)