15dpo BFN

Ugh, this cycle is so confusing! My luteal phase is normal 13-14 days, so AF was due yesterday/today at the latest, still no sign. Took a HPT this morning and got a BFN. Been BBTing and temps have dropped a little past two days but still above coverline. I hate waiting for AF :(. 
​Weird thing is I'm getting no cramping whatsoever, normally I feel crampy atleast the night before AF arrives. This cycle I also had some mild light pink spotting 12dpo which only lasted half an hour tops. Never had spotting before apart from when I was on the pill last year. 
​Okay so 99% I'm not pregnant but I feel so stupid clinging onto a tiny bit of hope that I may somehow miraculously be pregnant. Pretty sure as soon as I post this AF will arrive. Does it sound to you girls I may be pregnant? I thought HPTs are very accurate by this stage in the cycle?