I have no idea what to do or think about this!

Okay, so, my fiance and I have been together just over two and a half years. But as soon as his cousin enetered the picture, in June last year, my fiance keeps of disappearing. Like not even his own mother knows where he is. Most of the time when I come home there are beer cans and goon sacks around, as well as clothes all over the place and doors left wide open, but I never seem to catch him. Today, at 630am, he said he was going fishing and I haven't seen him or heard from him since, it is now 1211am so basically he's been gone for a day. I get panic attacks from it and today was hospitalized for it. I've tried talking about it but he just cries when I do and just drops it all together. What should I do? What should I think? Does anyone else's do this? Please help :(