Too young to be pregnant

I got pregnant at 17. I was told from the beginning I would have a miscarriage.After 6 weeks they said the baby was perfect and I heard the heart beat. I opened myself up to the idea and fell in love with the baby growing inside of me. I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks im now 20 and still trying to conceive I know im young and im embarrassed about it but I cant help it I miss being pregnant and its ruining my life. Im still not over it and I never will be. I cry every day, im angry, I lost my faith, ive lost myself. What hurts the most is my mother lost her twins and wen I lost my baby everyone was happy. They say I didnt need a baby im too smart and young but those comments hurt. I know im young but I know I would have been an amazing mother. How can I move forward and get rid of all this built up anger and hatred towards everyone who wasnt there for me? How do I regain my faith?