Does he really love me?

I honestly dont know... I know it seems lame but you know that country song "i dont love you but i dont want you to leave.  Your the best thing to ever happen to me".  Thats what it feels like because again lame, i asked him to delete his ex that caused a huge fight between us for 6 months so he stopped going on.  And when he does he still doesnt delete here but he never posts about us.  Wont have a cover picture.  Never had a profile picture of us.  Always changed it to a good pic of him though.  But after i asked about deleting his ex that i think he still loves he didnt even do that anymore.  He doesnt message anyone back ever.  Wont even open then.  and will say yes to any female friend request.    He said if I want to so bad than I can do it.  But to me thatd make me controlling.  Does his behavior seem funny?