Help me navigate the pcos diagnosis! Confused...

Hello! I'm 22 and have been TTC for 3 months. I have mostly regular cycles...but I feel like something is off. 
​I get yearly check ups at the OBGYN. Since I've got regular cycles the visits never go beyond an exam and Pap smear. But this year I decided to bring something up...I have noticed hairs on my chin. Different than the fine hairs everyone has. And hairs on my chest. Not a lot but it's darker(all of my body hair is blonde generally) the more coarse hairs on my chin are also darker. My weight also makes me concerned. I'm not obese but heavier than I should be for my height. I'm 5'2" and about 170lbs. I run and eat very healthy and balanced but I can't shed weight. I put it on in my pubis mons area. 
​My concern was met with "well you have normal cycles so you don't have pcos. If you have pcos you don't get periods because you don't ovulate." Okay, the doctor must know best. But as I've looked into it more, I feel like I may have pcos. I'm confused and looking for anyone who may have a similar get a period, or what you think is a period but maybe you're not ovulating. Anyone have an atypical presentation of pcos? How do you get diagnosed or screened for if? Where should I go from here?