3 days late and 3 BFNs. Losing hope :(


My af was due on Saturday. I am never late so when nothing had happened I took a test on Sunday but got a bfn. Took another yesterday and one this morning. Tried different brands and different time of the day but still nothing. No sign of af but have had lots of early pregnancy signs and none of my normal premenstrual signs.

Me and my husband are ttc our first together. He has a little boy who is 5 from a previous relationship and we are desperate to extend our family. Ttc for two months. I had a mc 4 years ago and I am petrified that I am not going to get pregnant again.

So every little sign that I might be pregnant I get excited. I try my best to keep calm and not worry or get over excited but we want this so much. It a the only thing I have ever wanted and I am not getting any younger.

Do you still think there is a chance I am pregnant this month or shall I just write it off , accept that my af will come and start looking forward to next month to try again.