Any Teen Moms or Teens Trying to Conceive, That need Advice or Someone to talks to? Ages 14-16!

Heres my Story!
​My Birthday is September 11, 1998! 
I lost my Virginity October 28, 2011!
​Met My Boyfriend December 5, 2011!
​We decided kinda Way to early to Get Pregnant, Because there was so much Love we felt for each other! Well I am the one who decided, I got Baby Crazy! But anyway, He helped me Concieve! And I wasn't Getting Pregant! I thought There was something wrong with One of us! It was test after Test! All Negative! Then one night after having Sex, I started hurting so bad that I was Screaming! When I got to the Hospital I was a Little happy! I thought well, Maybe I'm Pregnant & Didnt know it! But they Gave me a Cat Scan & Told me I had a 5cm Ovarian Cyst INSIDE my Right Ovary! So they put me on Birthcontrol to Shrink it, Or I'd have to go in for Surgrey & Have my whole Ovary which would mean that it would be 2x's Harder to have Children! Nobody knew I was TTC, So it was strange when I started to cry from that news! Because it was already Hard enough! But after I think a Month or 2 On Birthcontrol it Was gone!!! But my Mother made me take it still! But I heard you Concieve better after Birthcontol, So I would put it in my Mouth & Spit it into whatever I was Drinking out of to make her think I took it! I know that sounds really bad! But after that it had been a Year & A Half, & Everytime I tested it came back Negative! No Luck! But then July 2013 I decided to give up! I couldn't take the Pain & Torture anymore! & I wrote a Letter to God, Which I barley Believed in at the Time! I wrote it 1 DAY before we Tested! Only a DAY, Saying It was just another letter, & I didn't bother to try this Month, & I prayed, I prayed for him to give me So Hope, I told him I'd go anything he decided to put me through if He let me Have A Baby! 
​Then August 20th We tested! We got 3 Clear Blue Digitals, & I peed in a Cup and Brought it in the Room, We sat in the Middle of the floor, And as I dipped the Test I became nervous! I covered it and Told My boyfriend that if it's Negative that we'll just wait. It felt like Hours went by & Then we Looked!
​I got My Big Fat Positive! & We swore it was wrong! So we Took the other 2 & Did them! They all came up PREGNANT 2-3! I was so Happy, Yet we were both still Scared out of our minds! 
​My Due Date was April 24, 2014!
​But I went through my Pregnancy & Loved every minute of it! 
​I got induced at 39 Weeks & 5 Days Pegnant, Was in labor for 22-23 Hours, Only Medication I got was *Half* a Shot of Pain Meds The WHOLE TIME, Until 18 Hours & I was Dialated 5-6cm! That's when I got the Epidural! Then and Hour later It was time to Push! Gave Birth Vaginally! 
​Born April 22, 2014 at 8:38pm!
​Weighed: 7lbs 12 1/2oz.
​Measured: 21 1/2in. Long
​Head: 13in.
I still go to School online, My boyfriend Works to support us, & We have saved up to BUY A HOUSE!
​I am Very proud to be a Mom of my Currently 5 Month old son! I don't regret the Desiscions I made, Nor Will I ever want to change them! People can judge all they want! We're Happy, a That's all that matters! We provide everything our Son needs, He is Happy & Healthy! 
​& I think I might be Pregnant with my 2nd Already! I don't know YET, But I am 8 Days late, & I had sex 2 Days after Ovulation, So I am going to test soon! 
​If you have any Questions, Ask Away! 
​If you need to talk You can find me on Facebook!
Briana Dutton 
Birthday is September 11, 1998!
​Lost My Virginity on October 28, 2011.
​Met my Boyfriend December 5, 2011.
​Got Pregnant July 18, 2013!
​Due Date was April 24, 2014! 
​Induced into Labor April 21, 2014!
​Carter was Born April 22, 2014!