Is it common for a man and woman in a committed relationship to argue about not having enough sex?

My husband argue that I want sex all the time, which I dnt feel like that is true that Is the only thing we argue about, I hate it because I feel like a nympho...especially when I get off my cycle?it's so bad and he is younger than me so I thought that younger men would want it more right boy was I wrong... He is awesome and affectionate & caring & thoughtful he just don't want sex like I do I feel it is a great way to connect...but he says it's more to it than jus I tripping out because I feel like he want to masturbate instead of having sex w me... He says it's just like his cigarette so I guess he is addicted to masturbating & that's bad because now I now I masturbate 3 r 4 times a day

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