Wrong for being mad?

Anna • 23, No babies just me and my love bugg enjoying life, part time writer
My boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 3 years and since the very beginning we've fought about him coming over and going to sleep. It never fails i spend my whole day buzzing on cloud nine because i'll get to see him after work and he comes over, watches 5-10 minutes worth of tv and goes to sleep. 
He called me at 5 this morning and asked me if he could come sleep at my house (after bein out all night) i said sure because i wanted to see him. He came over wen to sleep and then once we got up dropped me off at work. He picked me up from work, got me home, told me he wad going out at 10:30 (we got here at 7) and then went to sleep ?? do i have the right to be mad?