I think I'm pregnant..

I have all the symptoms 10x worse than I've ever had.. For example my boobs don't fit in my bra and when I try and readjust I feel like someone punched me in the boob if I bairly touch my nipple! A lot of Leukorrhea(never had that before) feeling sick to my stomach constantly, I'm very tired all the time, my fiancé says I'm extra moody and winey lately but that could just be his opinion, although I've had no implantation bleeding that I've noticed, and I'm waiting an extra week to take a test to be sure.. Half of me knows that I am, and the other half is trying to convince me that I'm just going to have my hopes up again to be devistated to see a "not pregnant" anyone have any tips to not think so hard about it? Seriously I'm at the point where if I see another negative test I am going to cry myself into a coma..