TTC after a tubal reversal

Nicole • Peds nurse, mom of 2, TTC #3
So 4 months ago I had an oopherectomy(ovary removed) and had my right tube untied....we have been TTC since I was cleared to have sex. So this past cycle I got an OPK and we had sex two days before I had a positive and the day I had the positive. I know that seman can live 3-5 days....I had 2 negatives 3 days before I was to start, which with my son I didn't have a positive until I was almost 10 weeks, then AF came, 1 day late, but it was an odd period. It was super light and short. I normally have a heavy period so for my to be able to go threw just one pad a day is not normal....I'm just so frustrated with all of this, this time TTC is so much harder than when I had my daughter and son, with them it was like I thought about it and I was prego :/