TWW, sorry if TMI

I'm 11 DPO and I've been doing good with not obsessing over every little symptom, but I have noticed more pelvic pain then normal (not painful, just noticeable), I've been having light headaches off and on, some nipple soreness (it has increased to my nipples being really sensitive) but last night when I used the restroom before bed, when I wiped it was slimy so I checked the toilet paper and it was like egg white cervical mucus and kinda creamy, the only time I have egg white slippery mucus is during ovulation, also yesterday I had no appetite all day, I tried to eat but all I could stomached was 1/2 of a taco, I was not nauseous I just didn't want it, so I didn't eat all day but at dinner I ate more then usual. I went to bed and woke up a few hours later feeling nauseous but I assumed it was the medication I took before bed doing it to m e so I dismissed it. My husband has been working a lot lately and he's finally off tomorrow so he stayed up to have a few beers and listen to some music, when he came to bed at 3am he woke me up (you know what he wanted, lol) he starts off with just touching me and normally it takes me forever to get off with him just playing with me but this time it was different I was there instantly and it was more intense then ever I even cried... So now at this point I'm beginning to obsess over all the symptoms I've had over the last 11 days... I've never heard of intense climax as being a pregnancy symtom but this is just weird that it's happening now, after 12 years of marriage and TTC. Do you guys have any opinions or am I just being obsessed with symptoms?