Little help? Confused TMI

Sam • Mum of a 2yr old daughter, recovering from a complete molar pregnancy, Adoring fiancé, looking forward to TTC again
So my partner and I have been TTC our second baby for a little over a month, my period comes on the 28th each month always for the last 6months, very rarely it will be 1-2 days late due to stress, This month 14th was the first time he ejaculated in me then two more times after that, to my knowledge this was not my fertile window and not my ovulation, but I could be wrong, On the 26th I had some old blood discharge enough for me to where a liner, then my period came 27th pretty light, now today the 29th nothing expect a little blood/mucus when I moved my bowels,  Do you think this was my period this month or possible implantation bleeding? Or something else? I never had any blessing with my first so I'm a Bit confused, any advice is great thanks :) 
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