O day has arrived

Hello ladies, this is our 3rd cycle trying. First was our honehmoon which we missed due to the longhaul flight home, last month we think we missed the correct dates as we were bding very late at night so the days got confused. This month we've been bd here and there until the feetile window came up and we've been doing it every other day. My O day is today.. We've bd Saturday, Sunday and today.. We've not used the montor or glow since today.. I've been using my CM as guildlines.. I've had the EWCM throughout my fertile window. Just wondering am I doing ok with the amount of bd, I heard sperm dies after 3 days of nonsex stil inside the male so I've been trying to regulate his sorry as I think this is the problem last month. We just bd on a few days around O day. Very much enjoying not monitoring, last month felt like we was taking the fun out of it ?. Baby duet to all x