Obessing over being pregnant

Meli • TTC # 1 with my husband of thirteen years I can`t wait to hold my jellybean. Hoping for a happy healthy baby🙏🏻
I am obessing weather or not I got pregnant this cycle. It's been a long time ttc baby #1. I constantly find myself looking up symptoms or how to increase my chances of implantation. This journey is driving me insane. I'm praying this is my month me and the DH did the BD every single day on my fertile window and I also used preseed. I just got my results from the infertility clinic and I'm happy to say everything is normal for both me and the husband.  Although I'm very happy with results something is still not right. It's been six years of not trying and not preventing and 9 months of really trying. What should I do? How many ladies can relate with me.