HELP! having sex and he peed.. TMI

I'm not sure what to say to not make him feel bad.. He was asleep and woke me because he was tossing and turning, I looked over and he was hard as a rock! before he's fully awake we're already having sex. I got on top of him and started to ride him and as he started asking me to get off I shushed him and he came.. right after he stopped cuming he started to pee, I.guess that's why he was tossing and turning and was rock hard, he needed to pee really badly. I feel bad because I didn't let him tell me in time and he's so embarrassed he couldn't look me in the eye. All he kept saying was 'OMG I can't stop, I'M SO SORRY! I tried to tell you, OMG this has never happened before!' What do I do/say to let him know I'm not upset and in fact feel horrible!