Guess I'm out ????

Man it sucks to have this feeling this BFN. Don't get me wrong I tried so hard not to get my hopes up and tho I've been to the doctors and they say nothing's wrong with me other then my cervix is tilted a little bit and that's all I still can't help but to think there is something Wong with me. I don't even want to try and it kills me inside to see people around me getting pregnant it's like breathing for them. Tho I'm thankfully to have a hubby who still loves me even if I am a broken doll. I have just come to hate this process I think well this is my month and it never is. I'm really starting to think it will never be and if that's the case I need to make peace with that because I can't take this anymore. So as of now I'm not spending another dollar on OPK I am not buying anther pregnancy test ever it's not worth the tears or the stress.