Scared..or ashamed?

Courtnei • With the love of my life for 3 years & 8 months. ❤
Okay so I am fat, I am over weight. But I am also human!! Every doctor that I have been to in my area has just focused on my weight and not what could be wrong with me. They basically say your weight is the problem, that's it. Loose weight. Well if you take my weight factor away what the hell is it?! I've had irregular, to say the least, periods since I was 12. Horrible acne. Mood/attitude issues. And more. But I'm TERRIFIED to go back to the Dr. I finally have medical after two years and I really want to find out a couple things like my hbp and of course my pcos-like symptoms. But I'm not 10 anymore. My mommy can't go into the room with me anymore. Last time I was at the Dr the midwife(male,old) told me that I was fat and that was the problem of my messed up cycles. And I cried and never went back. Its been two years and I would like to start trying to have a family asap. Anyways sorry for the long paragraph but I was looking for some guidance on how to get a Dr that won't fat shame!?