I might be pregnant because of the symptoms i have been all this week with nausea and my nipples hurt and i am moody and mostly i feel sad... Anyways my bf bought me a pregnancy test but im waiting till my period to take it, then he told me you know we cant have it and i was like what are you trying to say and he was thinking to abort it i cant believe he would say that, he said that we cant because we are no economic stable and well my heart is broken and i said well then we will split appart and i will keep the baby and you just forget about me and he said really? And i said yes. I wont kill my own baby if i am pregnant i dont have that kind of heart and that is something that will haunt me forever if i do it and of course he will forget about it but i know i wont so i prefer fighting alone than just giving up because a freaking So called Man wants that..

What i said, did i do the right thing??

I cant believe how easy guys say it :/