Ectopic update

Stephanie • 1st grade teacher, married for over two years, TTC baby #1.
Well sadly I lost my right tube yesterday. Woke up Saturday and had horrible rectal pain. I had an upset stomach and was dry heaving. Got online to see what people have said and they said it is a sign of internal bleeding. My husband called the doctor and she said to get to the hospital immediately. Luckily she was here for a different patient. She said my tube had just burst so I didn't have a ton of blood but more than a laporscopic could do. Had to be opened as if I had a c-section. In the hospital for 4 days and off of work for up to 6 weeks. I'm a teacher so not looking forward to that! My husband, doctor and I thought we were in the clear. After the shot, almost 3 weeks ago, my HCG counts had dropped from 3300 to 494. My advice to you all, you know your body, if something doesn't feel right, go to the doctors! The doctor said we should be fine to have a baby in the future. Just so scary and a roller coaster of emotions. Thanks for letting me ramble as I am awake at 2:30 in the morning in the hospital.