Pregnant and moving!! Life got crazier!!

Trying not to freak out. Husband finally got a transfer back to WA state- we have family up there and it's something we have wanted for a while. Buy trying to find a place to live when you live 1700+ miles away from said transfer... Yeah it's over whelming to say the least! Now our apartment manager is being a jerk and trying to through verbiage out there that makes it sound like we are breaking a lease. My husband's transfer works out cause our lease is up Nov. 1st. We only said we were interested in resigning if we were approved to do so- it's low income and hubby's new salary overqualifies us technically (how we got this apartment is another story). The manager of the apartments is trying to tell me we are breaking the lease now!! I haven't signed anything yet! WTF?!?! Trying not to lose it. Hope I can sleep tonight! Oh, and we just need an extra week before we have to make the drive up there.