whatcha think? i need a new opinion

Ana • 18 |
recently(3-4weeks ago) i lost about 40lbs in 3weeks i wasn't exercising or anything more or less being extremely lazy. i started vomiting twice a day 2weeks ago every morning&midday, next i started to get sick after smoking or smelling food. i took a pregnancy test and the lines didn't fully show up so i did it again the morning after and no lines came up at all. i haven't had much of an appetite either, along with that ive had a headache a lot&i got my period, but the only way i saw a lot was if i put in a tampon, when i wipe there i only get spots of brown and pink so idk&like ive just had a bad feeling of pregnancy; i have an ultrasound on Saturday to find out, but i just would like opinions on my situation.