Implantation bleeding?

Beth • 28... Married for 4 years. TTC for 3 years. Miscarriage, Fall 2015. Baby Boy due 10/23/17... feeling very blessed to be carrying this Rainbow Baby and doing so well! ❤️🌈👶🏻❤️
My LMP was 9/12, but I have a longer cycle(usually 32-34 days). I'm not due for AF until 10/10 or somewhere around there. The past two days I had a very light tint of pink on the toilet paper after using the bathroom and today I had a bit more pink. It didn't last long, so I don't think it is my period coming early, but DH was out of town for the majority of what was supposed to be my fertile days this past month... So we were only able to have sex on the beginning and the ending day of it. I was def. Thinking this month would be a no go once again, but my periods are pretty regular and I never have spotting in between. Could this be implantation bleeding? I don't know how long it is supposed to last or what it looks like, as I have never been pregnant before. Thank you ladies! Baby dust to you all! ❤️