I need to block someone

Annelise • 24. Married. I have a 2 year old and 1 year old sons.
This is driving me nuts. Everyone topic on here is meant for us to give our personal expience an/or our advice right? I've never said anything mean on here an have always be completely honest. But this one girl didn't like what I said so she felt the need to go under my comment an start yelling at me. Started preaching the damn bible to me when I'm sorry but that's not my religion an I don't appreciate it when people try I for THEIR religion down my throat. She is very rude an honestly annoying by blowing up my notifications with all her crazy bable that I don't care about. Btw her argument is pro abortion when all my comment said was I don't agree with abortion. I agree with adoption tho. Anyways I enjoy being on glow talking to all the amazing women on here but there are some women that need to back off. I would love to block this crazy person but the app doesn't allow you. So I guess I may just delete the app because this is too much. All I want to do is track my pregnancy an talk to other women. This one person has ruined my experience on here