So I've known my guy for just over 3 months and we have been living together (I still have my place but I'm never over there at all except to check mail and pay rent) for about 2 months and dating for a month and a half. We are perfect together. No fights and we talk about all disagreements calmly and help each other get thru it and we are crazy in love. He's an Airman(air force solider) and is being moved to Florida at the beginning of November for 7 months then moving to a place by Washington d.c. We have talked about me going with him but would that be too soon as a couple? I would wait to go down to Florida until sometime in January so I won't break my lease. He says it scares him because this isn't how he saw us happening and it's not how he planned things and it's a huge life decision. Other days he's so excited for me to go and be together down there so he can show me all these places and have me experience new things with him. I guess my question is that is it crazy to move from Nebraska to Florida then to Washington D.C. with a man I barely know on the deeper levels?