Getting aggravated with TTC!!!!

Ok here's a lil background. When I was 20 I lost a baby at 28 weeks to placenta abruptus. TTC for a little while but then gave up because my marriage was on the rocks. After a divorce and doing the partying scene and being under the impression that I couldn't get pg I saw the two lines on the stick! 11 years later! I now have a healthy 4 year old and am actually TTC with my fiancé. He was afraid that he wasn't fertile but a few months into being engaged we had a miscarriage then a few months later a chemical! It's starting to get really frustrating because we both want #2 especially since I am 33 years old! Any advice?! Do I need to lay upside down and make sure those guys are swimming the right way lol? (Jokes are necessary at this point)