Not sure why my doctor did that

Today I went to my doctor to see if BV came back. Thankfully it hasn't come back! When I got there they had me pee in a cup, as they normally do. When I got there I told her I got two very faint positives this morning when I woke up and tested. She asked me to pee in a cup again, even tho I told her I'm only 10 dpo and had JUST peed in a cup for her ten minutes before! She gave me a few cups of water and had me pee in another cup so she could do a pregnancy test. I asked her if it would be too diluted and too early to tell and she said probably. Then she said the test came out negative and that I'm not pregnant. To me that doesn't make any sense to even give me the test when it's so early on AND when it's not concentrated at all, its diluted from all the water she had me drink! I kind of feel like I should see a different doctor if I am pregnant since I've gotten two positives from my first morning urine. I'm going to test again in the morning and see if I get another faint positive. I feel that was totally unnecessary and kind of upsetting to just shoot me down like that knowing I had gotten two positives testing when I'm supposed to test, not after drinking three cups of water and filling my bladder that way. And also knowing I'm TTC!! Just kinda venting I guess! And maybe wondering how you ladies would feel? Am I just over reacting? The whole reason she wanted to order the pregnancy test was because if I had BV again she wouldn't be able to treat me, but I was negative for BV so there was really no reason to do that ridiculous pregnancy test. Kind of annoyed by it!