9month TTC for the first time

9month TTC for the first time. Tested DPO 13 & next day of expected AF and lo and behold BFP! Yay! I'm still in disbelief. But it's all getting exciting, just went to the docs. We're just on 4weeks (from start of cycle).
​I felt like something was different this month - dizzy spells and boobs were sore plus a strange feeling like some kind of activity was happening down there. Tmi but I usually get constipation before AF but It was the opposite this time around. Didn't want to read into things though. Week before AF was due CM was a lot (sorry for tmi)...I always felt wet, and usually it's dry for me. Began to think maybe something could be different this time around. Thought I had a couple of waves of nausea but I put it down to not eating etc. But I think on hindsight they were (still have them now). Tested DPO 11-13 and they were BFNs. Woke up Sunday and tested and success!! I did however wait till the next day of testing before I felt more certain. Haha. 
​Anyway, baby dust to all! Believing this is your cycle for BFP!
​PS. Hey Glow team, thanks for all your hard work. A friend recommended this app and I've loved the interaction, tips, forums, and comprehensive data logs...and all in a pretty little package easy to use. Made it all feel a little less clinical. I entered all my back data from a previous app, and was on this for 3months - each month I added one more element to test/observe and it was fab - helped me know my body better and definitely helped pinpoint the best times for us. :)