I just need advice

Alexsis • Having a boy named Shandin with my boyfriend of almost 2 years?
So I'm 34 weeks pregnant and having a boy. My boyfriend got into trouble around my 12th week and was in jail for a month nothing big he had marajuana on him. And he moved an hour away with his mom because he used to be in foster care and lived 3 minutes away but he's been telling me he would get a job since I found out I'm pregnant . I'm 16 he's 19 now we've been together since 12-08-12 . My family keeps telling me he won't be there and I need to face reality that he won't be there. But i don't know how it's possible for me to just give up on him when he's been my best friend since the day I met him and has always been there emotionally and not physically there helping me since he moved his moms car doesn't work and none of his friends will bring him here my grandparents took me to see him two months ago. Idk I just need advice from people outside of my family because I'm scared he won't be able to make it to his sons birth and it's just becoming so hard.