Period every 14 days after depo

I went off of the depo shot about 4 months ago I was suppose to get it in June but it was doing crazy hormonal things to my body I was gaining weight, my emotions were borderline bi polar,I was breaking out ,and I was always tired so after a year of being tortured by my body my fiancée and I said enoughs enough we are thinking about kids in the next few years anyway the problem is about 3 weeks after I was supposed to go get my next injection I started lightly bleeding old blood for about 6 days OK nothing to worry about my body's just getting back to normal well since then I've had a period every 14 days like clock work lasting from 6 days to 11 I've taken my bbt and opk's haven't ovulated once I've called my doctor and the nurse said its normal well it doesn't feel normal I did make a appointment for this Wednesday to get checked out but has anyone else had this problem