TTC would love advice


Hi ladies,

I'm extremely new to this whole thing so I'd like to ask the community some questions about what is happening (or potentially happening, or not happening lol) to me. I'd ask the women in my family buuut..I'm no longer a member. Their loss.

Anyway the thing is this, my bf and I are TTC in a 'if it occurs awesome' kind of way. We aren't stressing about this or that. I am, however, taking prenatal vitamins as a precaution.

We did the deed whilst I was fertile and since then I've been feeling a bit off. My symptoms are weird..diarrhea, more than necessary gassy moments, severe cramps in my lower abdomen sometimes focused to the left side more than other sides, I can't lay on my tummy for long due to uncomfortable feelings, my breasts go in and out of soreness and nothing really horrid..just a slight second long twinge...nothing huge. The cramps are what throws me and I've had these since 'the deed'.

CM is nonexistent. Mood seems normal tho I have been starting to tear up at really dumb things like..whilst watching Witches of East End. I don't 'tear up' with TV shows haha.

AF is due the 20th. Cramps since Oct 1st. No spotting, nothing else. Maybe AF wants to get an early jab in...

So...I might be pregnant or I might be a giant bloated gas bag...what do you ladies think haha