Almost two weeks ago I was diagnosed with gastro paresis. They also think there is a lot more going on so I'm still going through a lot of testing. My house is pretty noisy because there are a lot of people living here: mom, dad, sister, uncle, grandma, brother, sister n law and their kid. But the point is it's a proven fact that this disease hurts more when you don't get enough sleep and my brother and sister n law are very inconsiderate. They are hella loud in the morning like I can't even explain there are no inside voices for them ever especially in the morning and it doesn't help that their kid crys every morning which I understand she is 5 nothing you can do about that. everyone tip toes around them except my dad and I but now I have been because they are to much drama to deal with right now and I don't know how much more of sleepless nights and early mornings I can take this pain is so sharp as it is. Any thoughts on what I should do?