AF week late and still BFN!

Got off BC and TTC since January. My periods have always been consistent. Always 28 days with the occasional one day late. AF is now a week late but still getting BFN. I called my doctor and was told it's not unusual and to test again in a week. If still BFN I can either wait it out or make an appt with them and they'll give me something to force my period. She said it's completely up to me. Of course not having a period is fine with me but my main concern is if I'm not having a period, am I even ovulating?? I have no symptoms of either AF or pregnancy. I've taken three HPT since I've been late and feel like if I am in fact pregnant they should show that by now! This whole process is so frustrating! But if my doctor isn't concerned than I guess I shouldn't be either right??