Clingy boyfriend . I NEED MY SPACE ! HELP !!!

Delia • Im 18 my boyfriend is 24 . We are very much in love . <3
My boyfriend and i have only been dating a month and a week and ohh my goodness . He wants to see me every single day . If theres a day i dont go see him he complains & not just a little bit . He complains ALL DAMN DAY ! He will complain every second that im not with him . Literally the only way to get him to stop is by going over . And even if i say im on my way the complaining wont stop until im at his door knocking . He acts like a girl, he honestly trips over things girls trip about . Like its not even cool . I swear i feel like im dating a girl . Which i actually have but none of the girls I've dated have been this way . I tell him all the time that if i wanted to be dating a girl i would have got with an actual girl not a guy that acts like one . I dont know how to tell him i need my space some one please help me !