Not Ovulating :(

J. • TTC #3
So it's only 10am by me & it's already a sh***y day! I had my appt this morning & it turns out I'm not ovulating & have been getting false + OPK's. As if that's not bad enough, one of my residents is a Dr there. My Dr wasn't going to be in so they asked which Dr I wanted when I made the appt the other day. I said not so&so because they're my resident & it would be weird. Guess who walks in & has to be all in my goodies!! That's right, it's the person who I specifically said I didn't want. We were both visably uncomfortable. I'm so livid & I feel like not going back! I didn't think I'd be this upset about knowing that it's my fault we aren't pregnant but I am. I'm at work trying not to cry & lose my shit.