Can someone help me

So i skipped school two days ago cause a bunch of girls were planning on jumping me and i didnt feel like dealing with that so i skipped. This guy came with me and said we could chill at his place well we ended up chillin in the barn i only remember bits and peices. him tieing me to a chair...... nvrmind. But i had court the next day for a rape case that has been going on for over a year i showed my mom my the bruises on my sholders and cuts on my legs but i told her dont really remember much my dss worker made me get a rape kit done and piece by piece that day/night has been comeing back to me and the docter who did my exam thing said that would happen because of the fact i was under the influence. well i came home to my foster home and got exploded on she called me a little liar and a little bitch she said tge same thing doesnt happen twice and now i have to move again i lost all hope and trust like i dont know what to do im so done please someone help me