Rachel • I'm 25 yrs old and my bf and I are expecting our first child. We are very excited and scared. I'm blessed to have them.
My sister and I grew up very close and went through a lot of hardships together, so it was only natural when I found out I was pregnant we both wanted the same name for our first girl. I'm only 11 weeks along but I'm pretty adamant about keeping the names my bf and I have chosen. My sister, naturally, was upset and it brought her and my cousin and aunt down on me about how she had chosen the name first and I should respect her call for "dibs". I was genuinely hurt that my family was treating me as though I'm being selfish when id want to honor my grandmother as well. And Bc I don't even know what I'm having does it matter who gets to honor her. I may have a boy. Is it fair for me to still want to name my child after my grandmother even though my older sister called "dibs" and it hurts me in the process. Or risk hurting my sisters feelings for not getting her way and me having mine Bc I'm pregnant first. Advice?