Oh crap!

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I just got a positive! Oh crap oh crap oh crap!!!

Abit of back story-

I have a 6yr old and a 1yr old. When my 1yr old was 9 months ago I fell pregnant and had to have a medically advised termination at 9wks. I got a mirena put in at the same time. Bled for 8wks after that then spotted almost every day till 4wks ago when I got my next period. The last few days I've felt so emotional and have been crying over everything and had no idea why. Got up today and thought I'd better test to rule it out and well I got a positive!

It was a cheap store test so will be getting a frer to confirm.

I don't know what to do if that comes up positive too. I will most likely have to have another termination due to the same reason I had to have one afew months ago but I didn't want to then and I don't think I could go through that experience again. I thought the mirena was one of the more reliable forms of contraception...

No question, just needed to tell someone. Won't tell DF unless it's confirmed as I don't want to worry him for nothing if this positive is false...