Grrr! Men!

Mary • Hi! I`m Mary and I`m a college student. Been with PCOS for 17 years. I like volunteering and playing with my phone.
I'm dealing with conflicting emotions at the moment. On the one hand when I reached out to an old guy friend he said we could hang out sometime. On the other hand, I just found out he has a girlfriend so I want to strangle him. What do you all think? Was he just being nice or do you think I have a chance with him? 
​If not there's always the possiblity of getting into my bikini body in summer 2015, go to his community pool, possibly find him there, and ignore him while I go flirt with other guys making him jealous. I'd just love to see his eyes follow me around longingly while I go about my Merry way ignoring him. Ha! ?
​Just kidding though it'd be a great feeling!