Needs improvement

I wanted to take the time to say what I thought the app needed improvements on. First of all if you make a blog they should have a button that alowes you to get to the blogs that you wrote. So that you can read the comments people wrote. Second they have buttens that say I am pregnet or am trying to conseave so on well they need to add two more buttons one would be just had a baby so that it would ask when did you deliver then calculate how long you would bleed. The other one would say brestfeeding meaning you are brestfeeding and don't have a regular cycle their for it would talk about why you don't have a regular cycle or give tipes on what to eat while brestfeeding and how brestfeeding can keep you from getting pregnet. They should also have a segment that would talk about cleaning your South America. ( vagina) explaining how to clean and what to us to clean good things and bad. Or they should have a segment that would be called get familiar with you vagina and it would talk about sex cleaning it. It would also talk about your vagina itching burning. And explained all the things that your vagina can get. Yest, hpv, ex and how to get rid of it or what will help to realeave.