Tmi please help

Ok I.didnt have a af last month this month I came on the 3 with off on the 5 on the 6 I bding after it was clear liquid discharge with lil red blood then when I wipe it was gone but it was on the bed n on him so so I bding again on the 8 nothing then the 10 I wipe it was pink then when I with back n wipe it was clear liquid discharge with brown glow say tomorrow is my fertility week so when I check my cervix it its more watery than creamy my breasts are sore I felt nausea this morning nothing came up I just got off depot in dec of last year the 6 was my last.shot I got my thyroid out my neck last year um taking levothyroxine 112 mcg ever Morning my doctor said my hormones level is good uncontrol now some people say I had implantation but I through u have implantation before ur af I guess my af is irregular I used to get my af for seven days but this month it was only three days never had the pink or brown discharge 5 days after my af something new to me have any one ever had this happin to them please tell me ur experience please thank u people say I could have pocs but I dont I have a pep smear done n everything ok I just move four hours away from where I was I move in my new place on the third the day I started my af so before I came here I just saw my doctor n everthing was ok but confuse about this