Family pushing me for baby names.

Jazzmin • Pregant after trying for a year:)
So, my fiance amd I are ttc our first baby. We want to start a family tradition to give our kids our middle names. I was speaking with my mom and grandma about what I wanted to name baby if it was a boy, I told her Kamdyn Michael, because his fathers middle name is also Michael, and I told her that if its a girl her name will be something like Paisley Josephine or something else with Josephine, because thats my middle name. They told me that theyre feelings were hurt and that I am conceited because Im naming my children after thwir father and myself, amd not naming them after my mother and grandmother. Now im thinking about switching the middle names to one of thwir names, just to ease up the drama and stress. Gow would you guys handle this? Would u change the names you originally liked or stick with them?