Selfless- putting your unborn child's needs before your own

Is it just me? 
Or do you find it utterly offensive when there's questions on here like "is it okay if I use drugs while I'm pregnant?" 
"Do I have to stop smoking marijuana now that I am pregnant?" 
And then the arguments that take place when told the risks far outweigh the benefits?
Beyond me how anyone can feel like this is healthy. And even more importantly how someone can think it's not harmful whatsoever to a growing fetus. 
If you choose to become pregnant, you choose to become selfless also. Meaning putting your own needs and wants aside to ensure the safety of your child. Why put your baby at risk in any way, shape or form? 
Especially those TTC, or those who have suffered a loss, the women who do whatever it takes to substain a healthy pregnancy this is actually quite unbearable. 
Weigh in below, had to vent!