Pretty sure I'm out this month...

Marlana • Trying to conceive our first child! So exciting!!
So my dr says my blood work looks like I didn't ovulate AGAIN with the second round of Clomid. I don't believe that -- I had a positive OPK, EWCM and my temp spiked on my chart. But whatever. They're the "experts" right? 
I'm 8DPO today and I tested with a BFN
I know it's still early but I just don't feel anything. Nothing. 
I think my new course of action is just going to be trying to lose some weight, get on Metformin and maybe try Vitex. If Clomid really isn't working what's the point of keeping at it? 
I just want to cry. I am in awe of you ladies who have been trying for 2, 3, 4 years -- you are so strong! It's been 6 months for me and I'm already just so frustrated I just want to fall in a heaping mess on the floor and sob. 
Good luck to the rest of you who are still on your TWW. I'll probably test again closer to when Glow predicts AF (I don't have periods without medication so I always "miss" my period).