Confessions of a home pregnacey test. Additic

Teri-lyn • 19 F Calgary ab mommy to a three year old minature pincher ttc baby #1 with my bf
 Ladys do you also find your self constantly testing threw out your cycle with cheapie amazon test or dollar store test i know i do . The struggle is real that two week wait is torture . It can drive a sane women crazy but that little pink line that we all long for   Is whats worth it in the end . So heres my story for this month i started my period on September 22 it lasted till the 25th no big deal four day cycle. Started testing with first response ovulation predictor  got my positive opk on September 30th was so excited  did a lot of baby dancing  i tested on 5,6,7,8,9,10 dpo all getting negitive i knew way to soon to tell so i wait and wait  on October 14th i started light bleeding i was ex tactic  thinking IB BOOYA.  Ran to the pharamcey behind my house and bought a clear blue all they  had in stock . I took that damn devil test and saw a line at about ten minets small and blue  but made a plus i told my SO. And sent him a picture as he was out in high river he told me i see a line as well i was so happy i had to run and get a pink dye test which i did. Dollar tree test  took two of thoses and BOTH NEGITIVE   I was like okay i know theses only me sure at 25 miu its okay ill test tomrrow because I'll be 16 dpo. But. Sadly when i woke up that BITCH AF showed her ugly unforgiving face and that was it i was out for the month so ladys dont ever feel bad cause you have a testing addiction i do too  just thought id write my story and brightens somones day. Baby dust to all ???✨✨✨✨?????