OPK showing pos for pregnancy.

Mesha • Hubby and I have been together 8 years. Have a 2 year old boy and due in June with baby girl!
So I know BFP aren't allowed here but that's not what I'm trying to show. I thought this might be informative/interesting to TTCers and apologize in advance if I make someone sad. 
So I had heard that an OPK can show positive for pregnancy as well as ovulation so thought I'd give it a try. The green test is OPK and the blue hpt. The line on the left (closest to the max line) is the test and right is control. I know that one line is darker than the other but when the test line is darkest that is positive also, for those who are unfamiliar. I never got an OPK test this positive for ovulation! Crazy! So I'm thinking there is something to that. Maybe not an exact science but certainly interesting! I'm obviously not ovulating!