What's the big deal -vent

Letty • 💟✨
What's the big deal with boobs ... Why are men in general (&some women too) so obsessed with them , I'm a little big 34DD  and I hate that even if I wear a sweatshit my breasts stick out like melons . I can't even go to my local grocery store without having men talk to my breasts vs talking to my face even if I'm with my husband and/or child . It's sad that people just see me as a big pair of jugs and not for me , and men (like my husbands cousins on family gatherings who are also married) hug me extra hard to rub my boobs against them ... I'm just so over them lol . I mean come on They're not that cool, it's just fat like fat in your belly but in your boobs. Anyone else in the same boat??